WiFi Module-SKW22 SKW22

The SKW22 based modules provide cost effective, low power, and flexible platform to add Wi-Fi® connectivity. for embedded devices for a variety of applications, such as wireless sensors and thermostats. It combines ARM7-based
processors with an RF transceiver, 802.11 MAC, security, & PHY functions, FLASH and SRAM, onboard and off module certified antenna options, and various RF front end options for end customer range needs in order to provide a WiFi and regulatory certified IEEE 802.11 radio with concur- rent application processing services for variety of applications, while leverage existing 802.11 wire- less network infrastructures.

Compliant with IEEE 802.11and regulatory domains:
• DSSS modulation for data rate of 1 Mb/s and 2 Mb/s; CCK modulation rates of 5.5 and 11Mb/s.
• Compatible with IEEE 802.11b.
• Supports short preamble and short slot times.
• WiFi Certified Solution
o Supports 802.11i security
° WPA™ - Enterprise, Personal
° WPA2™ - Enterprise, Personal
° Vendor EAP Type(s)
• High-throughput hardware AES and RC4 encryption/decryption engines.
• RoHS and CE compliant
• FCC/IC Certified
• Fully compliant with EU & meets the R&TTE Directive for Radio Spectrum
• Japan Radio Type Approval (i.e. TELEC) pre-scan compliant
► Dual ARM7 Processor Platform:
• 1st ARM7 processor (WLAN CPU) for WLAN software
• 2nd ARM7 (APP CPU) for networking software
• Based on Advanced Microprocessor Bus Architecture (AMBA) system:
o AMBA High-Speed Bus (AHB).
o AMBA Peripheral Bus (APB).
• On-chip WLAN boot code located in dedicated boot ROM.
► Interfaces:
• One general-purpose slave SPI interfaces for external sen- sors, memory, or external CPU
interface; one interface may be configured as a high-speed Slave-only.
• UART interfaces.
• Up to 16 configure able general purpose I/Os.
• Single 3.3V supply option
o I/O supply voltage 1.8 ~ 3.3V option
• One PWM output
• Two 10-bit ADC channels, aggregate sample rate 32 kS/s.
• Two alarm inputs to asynchronously awaken the chip.
• Support of up to two control outputs for power supply and sensors.
► Embedded RTC (Real Time Clock) can run directly from battery.
► Power supply monitoring capability.
► Low-power mode operation.
► Sleep, Deep Sleep, and Standby
► 27(L) x 19.8(W) x 2.8(H) mm small dimension