Small NFC batteryless label for strap/card applicat IV-SL series

Small NFC batteryless label for strap/card application

Key Features:

  • Size(W*L*H):
  • Display:
    • Segment e-paper display:1.Eight digital
    • Available symbol: comma, point, dash
  • RF:
  • Memory:
    • Total 4K bits EEPROM:1.1Kbits are reserved for the display parameter
    • Additional 3K bits can be used for storing the information such as product specification, manufacturing and so on
  • A optional Blue LED indictor and a hole (Ø=1.5mm)

Key benefit:

  • Able to be used for the mobile phone strap application or stuck on the proudct due to its small size(13.4*33.7*4 mm) and a reserved hole.
  • Flexible to change the display content
  • Low cost and green due to batteryless solution
  • No marginal failure risk thanks to change the price efficiently and conveniently
  • Able to be recycled
  • A longer RFID solution based on ISO 15693
  • Able to change the display content from price to product serial number for a warranty card after payment
  • 4k bits EEPROM embedded:
    • Additional 3K bits memory can be used for storing product information
    • Over 40-year data retention and 1 million programming cycle
      • Unique ID for each label
  • Three 32 bits password protection
  • NDEF format can be compatible with the NFC phone/device for a coupon or web site access application

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