FireBird CoaXPress Frame Grabber (1xCXP6-2PE4L) AS-FBD-1XCXP6-2PE4L

1.CoaXPress gives high-speed data, power and camera control all over a single cable.

2.Competitively priced to offer a real-time alternative to GigE Vision (NBASE-T) and USB3 Vision.

3.High performance with over 6 Gbps acquisition rate.

4. ActiveDMA engine – acquisition with zero CPU usage.

5.Fast PCI Express 4-lane Gen2 interface.

6. ActiveDMA engine gives zero CPU acquisition.

7.Comprehensive I/O, including front panel I/O.

8.Supports PoCXP (Power over CoaXPress).

9.Micro-BNC connector.

10.Half-length low-profile PCI form-factor.

11.Supported by the proven ActiveSDK.

12. Low-profile or full-height bracket options available.

13.Full GenICam support (including GenTL Producer).