WiFi Module-MU106 MU106

WU106 description

The WU106 Wi-Fi Module is a small form-factor, single stream, 802.11b/g/n WiFi module with on-board low power application processor. It is a low cost serial WiFi module, support UART-WiFi – Ethernet data transmission.

The WU106 has been optimized for client applications in the home, enterprise, smart grid, home automation and control that have lower data rates and transmit or receive data on an infrequent basis. The WU106 Wi-Fi Module also enables rapid application development of ultra low power devices with the complete application SW on-chip . This combination makes the WU106 Wi-Fi Module an ideal solution for low power automation and sensor solutions because of its high efficiency and low power consumption (features standby current consumption of less than 10uA while still monitoring peripherals). Furthermore, due to the encryption and tamper detection capabilities of the module it is also suitable for security applications. The WU106 Wi-Fi Module can be used to design applications using 802.11b/g/n communication protocols. All features are enhanced by a built-in antenna, external antenna connector and an interface port to the carrier board. This interface port includes power supply pins, GPIO ports and UART ports.



◆ Compliant to IEEE 802.11b/g/n.

◆ 1T1R 2.4GHz with support for a 150Mbps PHY data rate.

◆ AT command transmission mode and UART transparent transmission mode.

◆ Smart link.

◆ Support TCP,UDP.

◆ Support interface: UART, I2C, I2S/SPI, PWM, GPIO.

◆ Security: WEP64/128, TKIP, AES, WPA, WPA2, WAPI.

◆ Support AP mode and station mode .

◆ RoHS compliance meets environment-friendly requirement.

◆ UART baud rate: 9600 – 115200bps

◆ Size: 31.3mm(L) x 20.3mm(W) x 3.2mm(H) dimension. Application

◆ IoT (internet of things)

◆ Network Consumer Device

◆ Metering

◆ Building Automation

◆ Home Automation

◆ Smart Home Gateway

◆ Smart Lighting

◆ Smart Plug

◆ Industry Control