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SparkLAN is fully EN300 328 v2.2.2 Ready 2020-11-11

ESTI EN300 328 v2.1.1 will soon be expired

ETSI EN 300 328 has advanced from v2.1.1 to v2.2.2, and will soon make effective on 2021 August. Although this may seem like a while still, it is important to get tested first to see if you current solution can handle the new version. At least make sure the current module supplier has the plan and can guarantee module is new version capable. There are few popular ones out there that we are aware may not get much support from chip manufacturers, make sure you are not one of them.

If you are unsure of whether your current solution can pass the new CE (even if you are not a SparkLAN fan that’s ok), feel free to use our list to cross check with your supplier to get ready first. Don’t wait until the very last second to find out your vendor has no intention of updating it, switch another solution in less than 2 month is NOT fun, especially under this pandemic period.