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Powerful WiFi 6/6E Tri-band Combo Sip Module | SparkLAN 2023-01-12

Wi-Fi 6E Solutions in Sip Package

SparkLAN AP5881 is based on Synaptic s latest Wi-Fi 6E Sip solution, combined with Bluetooth 5.2 technology, using WLBGA ( wafer level ball grid array ) chip packaging design, it is an industrial-grade BGA SIP module with a tiny size of only 8.5x8.5x1mm, excellent performance, better high-speed performance, low power consumption and covering a variety of interfaces - PCIe, SDIO and USB is a big advantage.It is therefore ideal for size-constrained applications.For low power and continue powered applications, such as wearables, smart portable device.

AP5881 sip module WLBGA package design enables seamless upgrades between old and new communication standards, reducing development costs and accelerating product development cycles.AP5881 adds support for Zigbee wireless communication protocol, can fully enjoys the seamless interactive application of smart home, support industrial grade operating temperature range -30-85°C, and will be globally certified.